Photography and Video Policy

Extract from General Terms and Conditions of Use

Photographic and film recordings are made at the European Chemistry Partnering or other partnering conferences arranged by the organizer.

The photographs or film clips show situations typical of a partnering event. They reflect the events of the partnering and show people in discussion situations. The pictures show close-ups or individual people and groups. The people in the pictures can / might be clearly identifiable.

These photos or footage are used to illustrate the Website of the European Chemistry Partnering or other marketing materials, such as flyers, booklets, programs, conference papers, press articles, small gifts (Give-aways), as well as use on the Websites of the European Chemistry Partnering and related and derived pages. This includes Social Media, such as LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

 By registering and participating in the European Chemistry Partnering, you agree to such photo and film recordings as described here. At the same time, you grant the organizer the right to use one or more pictures on which you are seen personally as a participant, alone or in a group of people in an environment characterized by the venue and the individual character of the event by the participants of that day and objects (e.g. exhibition stands). Photos showing non-business-specific motifs that go beyond the character and usual situations of the European Chemistry Partnering are not used by the organizer or only after acquiring the express permission of the persons shown.

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