Organizer Dr. Holger Bengs

Contacts of the Organizer

The initiator und organizer is BCNP Consultants GmbH from Frankfurt am Main, Germany. BCNP is located in Frankfurt at the offices of the German Chemical Society (GDCh).

Organizer: BCNP Consultants GmbH, Varrentrappstrasse 40-42, 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Persons responsible: Dr. Holger Bengs, Tobias Kirchhoff

Partner: Chamber of Commerce Frankfurt

Contact: Tel. +49 (0) 9 – 15 32 25 41,,

Internet:,, www.european-chemistry-partnering

Who and what lies behind the European Chemistry Partnering?

How the idea for the leading Chemistry Partnering in Europe was born…..

“Today, ideas are no longer conceived by individuals in the quiet of back rooms or laboratories, but in international and interdisciplinary teams.” says Dr. Holger Bengs

Today, new products and services are developed in teams with collaboration from people with different experience and education. This includes solutions to the biggest problems of our time: nutrition and clean water, sufficient living space, medicine and health, but things like communication, leisure and wellness as well as mobility, transport and leisure are also addressed.

Chemistry, its associated industries as well as cross-discipline technologies play a decisive role, because: 97 percent of all products contain chemical process steps and chemical reactions. And this should be as sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible, creating value and serving all people.

“Chemistry makes the World go around”

The initiator of the European Chemistry Partnering is Holger Bengs. He has a PhD in Chemistry. His fields of expertise are polymer chemistry and liquid crystals. His experience in industry included topics such as drug delivery systems and biodegradable plastics. His time as Project Manager Biocatalysis at Hoechst and Aventis played a major role in his interdisciplinary approach. He is now Managing Director of BCNP Consultants GmbH which he founded. BCNP is a consultancy specializing in the areas of strategy, communication and sales and has offices in Frankfurt and Cologne.

Everyone, in every corner of the world is talking about new technologies and new companies: but many of today’s new chemistry Start-up companies were hardly known until 2015. Then came the 1st Compass to Europe’s Innovative Chemical Companies with its corresponding website In the meantime, already more than 500 chemical companies are listed here; Companies, which, regardless of technology, are influencing and changing the chemistry value chains.

Platform: Compass to Europe´s Innovative Chemical Companies

With the publication of the 2nd Compass to Europe’s Innovative Chemical Companies in September 2016 the idea arose to transfer the platform from the virtual world into the real world and to actively promote interchange: thus the idea of a Partnering for the chemical industry, its user industries and associated creative sector along with decision makers and movers was born.

FREE: Download your ebook of the 1st and 2nd Compass to Europe´s Innovative Chemical Companies: Download ebooks

The signing-up of the Hesse Trade & Invest (HTAI), the regional economic development of the state of Hesse, Germany as sponsor marked the start. Following that the IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Frankfurt, the partner for the venue was quickly found. With organization and marketing in the hands of BCNP Consultants kindly supported by HTAI and IHK the event planning went ahead at full speed.

1st European Chemistry Partnering – a successful start

“The 1st European Chemistry Partnering pioneering meeting was an excellent place for interaction between high-tech SMEs and blue chip chemical companies. Thank you for the very efficient organization and a great chance for networking.”

Dr. Michal Bieniek, Apeiron Synthesis S.A., CEO, Wroclaw / Poland

The 1st European Chemistry Partnering took place on 16 February 2017 in Frankfurt. According to participant feedback, it was a great success with 22 short presentations and over 200 Partnering meetings. 140 Chemistry industry decision makers from 15 nations representing 3 continents met in the Lichthof of the IHK in Frankfurt am Main:

Founders of Start-ups, Managing Directors of established medium-sized companies, Innovation Managers, Research Managers and Business Developers from large companies, Investors from the Capital Market, Business Angels and Venture Capitalists and Qualified chemical service providers of various kinds, Industrial park representatives and Cluster managers.

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